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You guys don't know it yet, but I'm back in Canada! 30.06.2006
Everything and Nothing like I expected... 28.06.2006
Hong Kong Kaos 27.06.2006
Koh Tao to Bangkok 25.06.2006
Got my certs! 24.06.2006
Wow! 22.06.2006
On my own again... 17.06.2006
Ko Pah Ngan 15.06.2006
Back In Thailand! 05.06.2006
Laos 28.05.2006
Leaving Thailand for Laos in the morning! 25.05.2006
Spiders, Scorpians, Snakes, Elephants... 23.05.2006
Geckos and things... 19.05.2006
Thailand! 17.05.2006
Sea Kyaking and Skydiving 13.05.2006
A series of small miracles... 11.05.2006
South African creationists and sandflies 07.05.2006
New begginings 06.05.2006
Queenstown 29.04.2006
Meditation on the north island 25.04.2006
NZ! 12.04.2006
Back on the road with my thumb out 09.04.2006
It's autumn here! 06.04.2006
Kiwi land! 03.04.2006
Jumping the "ditch" in the morning 02.04.2006
Living in the big smoke 08.03.2006
Living Sydney style 05.03.2006
Photos! 27.02.2006
just bought a celphone 27.02.2006
I must have done something really good to deserve this. 24.02.2006
This is the life 20.02.2006
Language of the trees 15.02.2006
Right place at the right time 13.02.2006
Tasman Adventures 09.02.2006
I have seen the face of God - the Aussies call it "Tasmania" 06.02.2006
Adventures in Melbourne 03.02.2006
Wake up in rain forest - go to sleep in Melbourne 31.01.2006
Backpacking adventures with the Germans! 28.01.2006
No idea how to explain this in words... 24.01.2006
Gettin' out of the city! 21.01.2006
So much is happening! Where to start? 21.01.2006
Just as I suspected: Everything is upside down! 19.01.2006
9 hour long sunset 17.01.2006
Beautiful Bowen Island 14.01.2006
And so it begins.... 10.01.2006