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You guys don't know it yet, but I'm back in Canada!

hahah! I planned this all along! my tickets did get messed up, but they also got fixed!

sunny 23 °C

Hey all!
I'm in Vancouver!
got in yesterday morning. Really, really strange.
I left Hong kong at 3pm on the 29th of June. I arrived in Vancouver 11am, 29 of June! I arrived before I actually left! that day that dissapeared when I flew to Austalia found it's way back. I couldn't sleep on the airplane, so by the time I fillanlly went to bed at 1am canada time, I had been awake for about 48 hours and was literall going completely insane. I slept for about 9 hours in a hostel on granville, woke up at about 10 and I feel much better today!
It was really strange... I was definetly ready to leave hong kong... I had very intense, wonderful experiances... and It was meant to be that breif. I wasn';t there long enough for anyhitng bad to happen (which, where I was staying, inevitably would have) and the intensity of it never wore off. I was awstrewck every minute of it.
It didn't really clue into to me that I was aout to go home to Canada until I was sitting on the airplane (747-400) taxiing to the runway and the piolet announced that "your cabin crew today is from Canada" I don't know exactly why, but I nearly broke down, right then and there! hearing those words and seeing their smiles caused tears to roll down my cheeks and my heart to fill right uip to the very top. I'm going back to Canada! Canada is my home! Canada is my home. I am the luckiest human being there ever was. (tears are welling up in my eyes even writing about this) I have never considered myself to be patriotic, but this trip has really changed somehting in me. Instead of taking it for granted, I relaize how bloody lucky I am to call Canada my home. EVERY single person I met had absloutelyt nothing bad to say about Canada! they spoke of every Canadian they had ever met warmly and had ewither been there or spoke highly of someone they know who hd been there. Canada and it's people are much repects and revered in the world eye. I thought about seeing everybody, I thought about being around people who spoke elglish again, about being able to drink the water right from the tap, about how nice every one is... about how we're all equals... about our rocky mountains and our forests, and the tears kept coming... I wrote a big rant in my notebook about patriotism and how my partiotism has aboslutely nothing to do with politics. I couldn't possibly give a shit about the old guys with sticks up thier ass who use big words and diplomacy. I just care that my country is open and free, that we try our best to get along and that we welcome others to come join us. that we try our very best to keep our country clean and that there is so much of it that is unsettled....
enough of the patriotism rant... I always knew canada was a good place to live... but now I really know, in a whole new way...
Airplane ride went really quickly. 12 hours. read my book, "a million little pieces" by James Frey, tried to sleep - unsuccessful, watched a discovery channel doco on training chimps to commucate their emotions (which proved to be possible!), tryed to sleep - unsucessful, listened to lots of blues and hindi music, tried to sleep, again unsuccessfully. wrote. still no sleep...darkness came, lasted only a couple of hours, then it was morning again and soon enough, Vancouver islkand came into view. The sights of the white caps on our rockies, again prompted tears. almost too beautiful for me to look at, really. I started to get really excited! I wanted off the plane right now! cooommmeooon Vancouver! Comeing into Van I could see the whole lower mainland on one page - it's so tiny! I remeber seeing downtown vancouver from their air when I left - thinking, yep. that's pretty cool. When I saw it this time, the buldings of downtown looked like stubble compared to the towering plethora of highrises that make up Hong Kong's skyline...we landed soon enough.
As soon as I got into the aiport... I could sense somehting was different about this place... wandering through the irport, everything was so tiny, everyhitg so quiet! sooooo quiet! like being in an accoustically padded room! noone around, I could turn around with out checking over my shoulder so as not to cause a pile up of people! I made my way to immigration and heard my first Canadians speak! hahahahahh. hahahah,hahahaha. I loved it! everybody sosunded like Bob and Doug Mackenzie! "Hoser, eh?" my god. I didn't think it would be that noticable. I was brimming smiles the entire time! everyone talks like that here! all of the ladies I talked to too, they all had that warm, welcoming Canadian accent! Customs went ok. I got random pasport check. I always do in airports because I make eye contact with the random check officials. they know they've got my attention and that they have to fill a quota, so they choose me. I don't mind.
They didn't even go through my stuff... so I got in a couple of things I figured they would seize at customs.. which is cool.
I stored my big bag at the tiny little vancouver airport and hopped on a bus into the city. Checked in to the Samesun on granville and dropped my bags. Granville is different than I remmber it... lots has changed here! I wandered about the city. Everything different than I remember it! The trees all looked like crazy forgein vegetation, there was soooo much space beween the shopfronts.. onlty a few stores per building.. .the crosswalk lights and sounds were funny to me. the Cars drive on the wrong side of the road! (everywhere I've been has been on the left, except for Lao - but there were very few cars and only one road, so it doesn;t really count, and I was only there for 8 or 9 days)
Vancouver, the city that was, before I left, so crazy and chaotic to me is now calming and relaxing. nice and airy, clean and well spaced out! It's nice here.... and I don't know if it was just my happiness and gratitude of being home, but I had people aroundf me all day. I met heaps of people!
The sun was nice and bright, temperatures in the 25deg rage. (a little chilly in the shade for me...) and it was a beautiful day, so I did the natural thing and headed down to Wreck beach. Got som nice naked sun with a few hundered sun loving naturalists! had a great time! Met a guy from Nova Scotia walking through UBC campus afterward and we got to talking. great convos. afterward I decided to use my transfer (every mass tranisit system I have used has operated differently.. van's way of using 1.5 hour tickets seem really funny to me) to get out to Commercial drive, where again, I met some really cool people. One guy I knew from Nelson, who knew Roland and Autumn and such... we had really cool talks and ended up with a group of people, all of us jiving onn eatch other.. the most memorable of which was this guy who walked up and said, "you want to talk about philosophy?" and then opened up into this mesmerizing rant - this rant on how he knows what every letter of the alphebet means - and how they don't what you to know, and that if you knew, if you only knew, you'd get it. you'd know why the trees are made of ice cream, why green day is green, dogs fall from the sky when it rains. You'd understand hip hop. then went on to explain it, going deeper and deeper, going furhter and further out. This guy was the most intense hman being I have met. He was fully off his nut, but somehow coherent and very poetic. his whole rant flowed very smoothly and was filled with intellectual information and factual truth known only by acedemics... and was extreamly profoundly orchestrated. My guess is that he is either an ecedemic who has learned too much and his feet have left the gound, or he had a head chock full of L.S.D. either way, the experiance was one of a kind and lasted only as long as he stayed. I tried to record it, but was unable to, as he became highly offended that I wasn't listening as closely as he wanted, if I was able to use my hands while he was speaking, surely I couldn't be listening with 1000% of my mind. In all reality, I think I would have gone completely nuts with him if he had kept speaking, so it happened the way it was suposed to happen.
The toehr people I met were just really nice, intereting and open minded. not nuts. had a great time and watched the sunset form the park on commercial.
By the time I made it back to GRanville I was litereally insane form sleep deprivation... hallucinating a bit, even. nooding off nto dremlets on the train. I stopped to buy a couple 1$ slices of pizza (god how I've missed them, I ate 7 slices yesterday!), talking to some really nice girtls at the pizza place, while completely insane and coming by it hinestly. they were fully amused by my insanity and welcomed me back to Canada. I really like Vancouverites! went back to my $27. night hostel and hit the sack. Bloody amazing day. suuuch a good day. Very nice way to come home.
I fly back to Alberta with Westjet at 5pm (the last of 15 flights I have taken on this trip!) Darcy is picking me up at the airport. I haven't decided if I going to drop in and surprise everyone at the re-union tonight, or if I will wait until Canada day and do a fireworks entrance. suppose it depends on what Darcy has on the go...
alright. That's it from me!
Thanks for reading!

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Everything and Nothing like I expected...

This is an unedited rant. part of it written in Hong Kong, part in Canada. hope it makes some sense...

sunny 32 °C

I get goosebumps al over my body every time I hink of the insight I had today.
I was wanderring around a particularly busy computer shopping district this evening, right at dusk. flowing wth the masses of people and I, for a moment, was able to see this city as a living, breathing, inteligent organism! with subway tunnels for circulation system, people as bloodcells, carrying with them goods from one place to another.. in full communication through a cellular central nervous system1 there go those goosebumps again!
This place is impossible to describe... that is as close as I can come.
I did make it up to the peak last night. I picked a perfect evening and masde it right at sunset! incredible! I sayed up there for hours.. taking photos, pondering... and I met a half a dozen irish and scottish dentistry students...they had just begun their trip.
they asked me a million and one questions and I had all the answers, tips and reccomendations right at the tip of my tounge... made me feel very well travelled...
Over the last couple of nights I have been spending time with some Napalese fellows I met in the park one evening. It's like a ghetto park.. all kinds of seedy activity, me the only caucasion person in sight, only caucasion person out on the street there after 10pm... so people are curious. conversations start. We got to talking, when I said that I was from Canada they wanted to know everything. after a while of talking I realized that these people are very genuine, very generous, very curious and very honest. Conveerrsations went far into the night, by the end of the night we had to take photos together and they gave me gifts and walked me home. next night we met again, as arranged and they brough the rest of their frineds. probably about 10-12 napalese guys. One of the guys brought a guitar and they took turns playing their native music. Napalese mountain music. abslutely beautiful to the ears. so full of love. I had Sujan translate some of the lyrics, which roughly translate to an expression of the love the the mountains and the trees inspire in their hearts! amazing poeple. a couple of the guys were university gradutates. uni in Kathmandu, so they were really quite intelligent and really apprecitated the oppourtunity to use their, and learn more, english skills. They tell me that all of the white people they meet in Hong Kong are rich assholes. I don't doubt it. Most of my experiance holds true to that statement. rich people don't talk to other people who are not rich. especiually in a place like hong kong, where the rich are verry rich and the poop are very poor. I really enjoyed the times I spent with these fellows, their generosity, curiosity and geniunity will not soon leave me. I have the gifts they have to me, and the photos we took. one of the guys has invited me to KAthmandu in the fall. He wants to show me his country and show me mount everest. He is willing to vouch for me, to show me into the communities he grew up in and to pay my way. He isnsisted that all I do is buy a plane ticket there, nothing else. he says, "bring no money. no money. you are my friend, I will take care of you". and he means it. these poeple. my god. I really do want to experiance their way of life, f they can live in a part of Kowloon like that and maintain their faith in fellow man. Meeting them was proanly the most enjoyable part of my visit to Hong Kong.
I am actually back in Canada right now, writing this..and much has happened already so I'm in recall mode, struggling to recall all happenings in their vibrant intensity...
THings that I remember of most of Hong Kong.. was the mass transit system with it's octopus cards. reads it right through your wallet and you can use it inm stores like 7eleven to buy stuff...all you have to do is pass your wallet over the sensor and walk out. brilliant! no pins or waiting! And the multitude of exits at each station... exits A-K out to the streets, some of them up to 4 sub exits... like J1,J2,J3,J4, etc. If you know exactly where you are trying to get to, a quick look at a map and you know exactly which exit you need to go out. I understand why they call this the the octopus now... verrry easy to sue too. and it carries 2.5 milion poeple every day (not sure if I wrote that alreaddy, but the numbers are staggering.. that is almost the entire populationd of the province of Alberta using the same train system every day! and I NEVER waited longer than 2 minutes for a train. never. even if I just missed a train 20 cars long. another one was there in 2 minutes or less. uhh what else... the seas of short black haired people, all with going high tech cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, video players, computers and hybrids of all of the above, either strapped to ther heads, running at theirs sides or strpped by their necks.. people playing PSP's on the trains. high tech. the'se poeple like their gadgets.
Walking down the streets. bamboo scaffolding at the construction sites. hardware stores no bigger than a bedroom, scantly clad pretty chinese girls standing out side of stip clubs who grab your arm, "mister! come see" and literally forcefully attempt to drag you inside "It's happy hour. mister! come see!" The cold dry air spilling out onto the streets from designer shops, hotels and convieniece stores, chilling your feet and legs, a very welcome chill against the 90 some percent humdity and costant 32degrees C.
Hong kong also has the many, many different bank notes. Each type of note is issued by a different bank... I has 20Hk$ notes from 4 or 5 different banks in my wallet at the same time. each one is completely different but they are equal in value. The coins aswell. there are almost 20 different coins of different shapes and sizes. they are all issued by the same national bank, but thet are in a riddiculous number of denominations, making for very complicated cash registers...
I ate hardly a thing all the while I was there. It was very, very, difficlut to find a restaurant that: I could afford, had english menu, served things I considered edible (I went to a place that served things like pickled goose intestine and boiled frog) and looked descently clean. Walking down the street, I found it very difficult to tell what some of the stores even were... I couldn't tell if they were restaurants, hardware stores, tailors, brothels bathhouses, private clubs, or what. Everyhting is so strange and everyhting is in Chinese symbols. you just have to look into the store, see what items are there and what kind of people are running it and even then sometimes it's hard. My western catogorization stystems didn't work very well... I spent hald a day trying to find a bloody tailor. looking in all of the shops for something that resembled a sewing machine. really strange experiance.
When it rains in Hong kong, IT RAINS. my god. the sky literally falls on you. you might drown if you don't tip your mouth down. it's incredible. the steets flood and boats of garbage voyage toward the nearest drain... really crazy. luckily, It didn't last long when it did rain...
My experinace in Hong Kong will not be leaving me any time soon. Though it was short, it was the most forgein place I have ever been, it was one of the most trialsome, and also one of the most fascinating to me. their way of life is veeeeery, very different that anyhting I have known personally. Combined with the Wonderful Napalese people and ther kindness, generosity and friendship... and the crazy brothel/hotel place I stayed at.. with all the craziness it insued... combined with the huuge scale and absolute beaty of Hong Kong city center. high rises going high, sub-tunnels going low, Peasants on ground level, operating filthy little shops. The glitz, glamour and money of the rich upper class juxdeposed with the poverty, dillapidation and the filth of the poor lower class...
all of these elements and experiances fused together have left a wonderful impression on me and a wealth of memories and experiances, some of which, put me in a state of awe, some revolt me, some give me goosebumps, some fill my heart to it's very brim.
what a place. what a place.
that is my entry on hong kong.

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Hong Kong Kaos

If you're reading this, I'm already home and have de-classified this information! hahah

sunny 32 °C

Holy shit.
This place is everything it claims to be. Craziest city I have ever been to, that much is for sure...
I've been here since yesterday afternoon (about 24 hours now) and have just now managed to find an internet cafe... the must be around but they're probably all labeled in chinese... this place is like a sardine can, I have to retract my keyboard, roll in my chair and hold my breath to let someoone by... can't really complain, because for some reason the place is packed full of really pretty little asian girls sharing seats and pretting themselves up in the mirrors covering the walls...
anyhow, to it:

The very first things I noticed were really intriging to me... how efficeint and clean everyhitng is, how my customs official kept all of his stamps neatly layed out infron of him, all of his papers straight... he even unfurled my passport and squared it with the counter's edge before neatly and carefully stamping it... myabe he was just OCD or something.. but it was the first thing I noticed that was a little weird...
The train ride from the airport (biggest airport in the world) was really cool. more like an airplane than a train! and it's a dedicated express line so it flies! not exactly a bullet train, but it's close.
The city is really a prime example of organized chaos.
Hygenics are big here.. signs saying not to spit on the ground, to wrap up spit before putting it in the garbage, not to feed the birds, etc. and the MTR (subway) is phenomonal! I bought an octopus card, it's good for a round trip on the express train and 3 days unlimited use in the city... 300 HKD, about $45 CAD. One thing that really, really tripped me out... actually made my laugh out loud, was the fact that in the subway walking tunnels, all you can hear is "clack click clack" of dressshoes and heels! it fills the tunnels! loooots of suits and really well dessed, very pretty asian women. Caucasian people seem to ring in at about 1% or so. not many.
All of the buildings here are tall. even in the shithole slumps of Kowloon penninula (not even part of hong kong island, it's on the mainland) where I am staying the dillapidated apartment buildings are taller than the tallest buildings in downtown edmonton. The city layout is very much different than Bangkok.. which has not definable CBC, it's just sprawling and spread out.. few sky scrapers here and there... here they are everywhere and all over. the whole bloody place is a CBD!
The place I am staying imn... I belive, is almost a bordello or something... the rooms rent by the hour, but I got a cheap rate by the night.. I'm paying 240HKD/night which is $35CAD. the room is really nice.. first hot shower, first flushing toilet first airconditioning unit I have had in a long while! the only thing about the room it's self is the padding on the walls around the bed.. hahah The building the rooms are in is the most dillapidated I have stayed in! it's about 50 stories tall and has a hollow right through the core, right to the top and I'm on the 3rd floor. water and other liquids drip all the way down... air conditioner units protrude into the tunnel, causing a waning drone throught. the staff speak absolutely no english. absolutely none. not even words like money or night... so no wonder they didn't tell me the nature of the activities going on there... I get strange looks from passers by when I walk in and out.. and the girls on the side walk are verry smily and friendly, and when people leave their rooms, they leave really fast, go separate directions and have no luggage! hahah. I checked out the markets last night! holy shit! some things are unbelivably cheap here! food and accomidations are understandably expensive, being as property values are at a premium and it that it must take nothing short of a organizational mirical to bring enough food into this tiny area to feed over 7 million people every day... but pructs that have been manufactured here are dirt cheap! jet torch lighters for $1, all sorts of blinking and light up LED junk for verrry cheap! chinese goods of all sorts, some things I saw in thailand were obviously bought in china and resond there for 3 times the price, which is still a hell of a bargain for westerners... so yes, I am doing some more shopping here! I'll probably have to buy another bag befre I go home! haha
ok. I'm not really sure where I am going or what I am doing.. so I'm just going to ride the trains all over...maybe try to get to "the peak" this evening, a tram to the top of one of the strange chinese mountains surrounding this city... watch the sunset from up there, maybe? I don't know... everyhting is cool here... if I could just find a decent meal for under 80HKD...
This is probably the weirdest place I have ever been...

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Koh Tao to Bangkok

This entry has been written in retrospect to fill in a blank area...

rain 30 °C

quick entry here!
I boated it from Koh Toa to Chumphon than then VIP bussed it to Bangkok, and got screwed again. I was wandering around Chumphon getting medication for me ear infection from this old thai ladt with black teeth... she didn't speak english, so we communicated in signs and gestures only. really intereting experiance... she gave me some aerdrops, which on the bottle it dayt the are a super steroid, 30x more powerful than Cortizone!? and some Amoxycillin tablets, to be taken twice a day. and I found internet in Chumphon for 20Baht and hour, half of the price of the cheapest place I found in Thailand and 1/6 the price of internet on Koh Tao. The place was out a ways from the bus saion and apparently didn't practice the dual pricing system most buisnesses do. (there are tow prices for everyhting. the price tags on things are for Farang - westerners, like me. and the Thai people pay significantly les for everyhitng)
Like I was saying, beofre I wanfdered off on some tangent, I got screwed on my bus ticket again. I showed up and the bus was absolutely packed. every seat. the only place open was a bench seat in the top level. there were 4 people already sitting on it. I sat between two guys. one guy and his wife to my right - they were borderline furious, so I dind't talk to them and a german fellow named Frank on my left, who was eager to talk, very well travelled, fairly well off and completly alone in the world. no family. no friends. no job. nothing. he was amazing to talk to, was very curious and wanted to sharpen his english. we talked a good part of the way, which definetly helped take the edge off of being sqeezed into full body contact with him and the fellow next to me for 10 hours. Somehere in there,. I managed to sleep, somehow...
When we got to Bangkok the bus dropped us off on Khoasan Road at 4:30am. Frank informed me that he knew of a place that we could stay for 140 baht/ night just off Khoasan road and asked if I was interested. Brandon and I payed 6 or 7 hundered baht when we stayed there, so yes, I was interested. We ended up sharing a twin room with two beds for 100baht each! bloody incdredble for Bangkok, especially Khoasan road! less than $3!
stayed there for a couple nights, shopped my brains out all day, bought hhhhheaps of stuff. heaps. bought more luggage to store it all. bought a whole new wardrobe. got some really good deals and batered really well. broke lots of merchants hearts and made some very angry - but it always happens in the markets, if you get a decent deal. they want to screw ytou and they'll use everyhitng from anger to guilt to get a better price. I have learned how to play the game and aI play ruthlessly.
Bangkok this time was quite enjoyable.
Loads good experiances and Frank and I had a chace to bond well. I enjoyed our talks and he did muchly aswell, he had quite an iteresting story.. .was an engineer. had renounce the only two living memeber of his very wealthy family. it is just him in the world. he made lots of money in a short time in his youth and invested it properly. he now spends his time travelling the world. Looks like I'm going to have to go to Germany! my list of german contacts is quite long now! I could probably se most of the country with my accomidations covered by fellow backpacker I have met!
The airport shittel was 1/2 hour late, doddled around trying to find something or someoone, realize dit was stupidly behind schedual and then drove as wrecklessly as a crazed bull running through the streets in attempt to make up for lost time. HONK HONG! weaving between lanes, blowing lights! driving 140km hour speeding past police (no speeding laws there??) and managed to make it to the irport reasonable on time. my tickets worked out just fine and I had even had some time to kill before boarding a short and uneventful flight (I had a island seat with a broken tv because I changed my flight - shittiest seat on the plane) and arrived in hong kong, where my next entry resumes!
That about sums that little gap up...
shitty bus ride, good times and heaps of shopping in Bangkok, crazy shuttle and uneventful flight... then hits Hong Kong Kaos!
read on...

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Got my certs!

This fish is swimming on soon...

rain 27 °C

You are now reading the words of a newly certified Advanced Open Water Diver and the holder of a EANitrox ticket!
I did my specialties in Navigation and deep diving (required), night diving, underwater photography and multilevel diving. I passed my nitrox exam with a 96% and blew my teacher away with my grasp on the theory... Physics class payed off.. that course is the bane of some divers, but it was a piece of piss for me. I did two dives today, the first down to 30 meters and the second a multilevel, 18, 14 and finishing it up at 10. Both dives were using Enriched Air Nitrox. Dive one on 32% oxygen, dive 2 on 36% oxygen (normal air has about 21% oxygen) Allows you more bottom time, so long as you dont go to deep with it (another 5 meters or so deeper on the first dive and it could kill you via Central Nervous System toxicity...)
anyyway... the dives were fun. Turns out I'm not super sensitive to Nitrogen Narcosis... just a little bit of delyed reaction that you're not aware of.. similar to having a couple of beers. Some people get really "narked" and try to take off their scuba gear and things like that at 30 meters... I did alright. 40 meters (the recreational limit even for a dive master) might be a little different... I'll find out whenever I decide to work toward my dive master... other than that, the 30M dive was very much like any other dive. No sharks... little bit diffrent bottom dwellers... including a huge crab, in one of those giant conch shells people use as horns, motoring by one the ocean floor. that was kind of cool. The dive site was pretty barron. Shitty dive site choice on my instructors behalf, IMHO.
Second dive was lovely. Had plenty of time to leisurely swim about, saw some a couple huuuuge triggerfish (very deadly and very beautiful - it's really territorial and stings) and lots of nice corals and things... in a site I've dived a number of times, every time is something new though...
so yeah. That is that. I think I'm done diving. My right ear is really bothering me. My glands in my neck are a bit swollen. been wearing myself down studying, going out for beers, not sleeping much... so my ear canals are plugged up a bit... that means no diving for me, today was really pushiing it.. but I it kept quiet and descended slowly... I really wanted to do my deep dive. but I'm paying for it now. it's quite uncomfortable, really.
It is presently raining fairly steadily. I have not seen rain in almost 2 weeks. I have been blessed in that regaurd. when it rains here it rains hard, quenching and flooding the pavement. I got goosebumps all over and a tear welled up in the corner of my eye as I waded through the hot puddles... the puddles aren't hot back home... it doesn't smell like motor cycle engine lubricant when it rains back home... I really am going to miss this place, it has earned it's place in my heart.
my time to go is coming very soon! I leave Koh Tao day after tomarrow in the evening, boat and bus it up to Bangkok (almost a full day just for that because of a wait in Chumpon between the bus and the boat), stay a couple of days in Bangkok before flying to Hong Kong stay for 4 full days with partial days on either side and then fly home on the 5th. On the way home I actually arrive before I leave... which will be wierd.. I leave Hong Kong at 4:30 in the afternoon and arrive in Vancouver at 1:45pm, THE SAME DAY! that is going to be strange! I have not bought my wesjet link to edmonton yet... I may want to stay a day or two in Vancouver, have yet to decide...
I will let you know my exact plans as they transpire. I may fly right on through to Edmonton from Van, putting me home by the evening of the 5th or I might hang out for a day or two later...
ok. enought borning logisitcs and ramblings..
I'm tired and my ear is making me uncomfortable... time to track down a feed. sleep will come soon and fast tonight.
I love you guys lots... you are all in my mind and I'm anxiously awaiting seeing you all again!
much love!

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