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Koh Tao to Bangkok

This entry has been written in retrospect to fill in a blank area...

rain 30 °C

quick entry here!
I boated it from Koh Toa to Chumphon than then VIP bussed it to Bangkok, and got screwed again. I was wandering around Chumphon getting medication for me ear infection from this old thai ladt with black teeth... she didn't speak english, so we communicated in signs and gestures only. really intereting experiance... she gave me some aerdrops, which on the bottle it dayt the are a super steroid, 30x more powerful than Cortizone!? and some Amoxycillin tablets, to be taken twice a day. and I found internet in Chumphon for 20Baht and hour, half of the price of the cheapest place I found in Thailand and 1/6 the price of internet on Koh Tao. The place was out a ways from the bus saion and apparently didn't practice the dual pricing system most buisnesses do. (there are tow prices for everyhting. the price tags on things are for Farang - westerners, like me. and the Thai people pay significantly les for everyhitng)
Like I was saying, beofre I wanfdered off on some tangent, I got screwed on my bus ticket again. I showed up and the bus was absolutely packed. every seat. the only place open was a bench seat in the top level. there were 4 people already sitting on it. I sat between two guys. one guy and his wife to my right - they were borderline furious, so I dind't talk to them and a german fellow named Frank on my left, who was eager to talk, very well travelled, fairly well off and completly alone in the world. no family. no friends. no job. nothing. he was amazing to talk to, was very curious and wanted to sharpen his english. we talked a good part of the way, which definetly helped take the edge off of being sqeezed into full body contact with him and the fellow next to me for 10 hours. Somehere in there,. I managed to sleep, somehow...
When we got to Bangkok the bus dropped us off on Khoasan Road at 4:30am. Frank informed me that he knew of a place that we could stay for 140 baht/ night just off Khoasan road and asked if I was interested. Brandon and I payed 6 or 7 hundered baht when we stayed there, so yes, I was interested. We ended up sharing a twin room with two beds for 100baht each! bloody incdredble for Bangkok, especially Khoasan road! less than $3!
stayed there for a couple nights, shopped my brains out all day, bought hhhhheaps of stuff. heaps. bought more luggage to store it all. bought a whole new wardrobe. got some really good deals and batered really well. broke lots of merchants hearts and made some very angry - but it always happens in the markets, if you get a decent deal. they want to screw ytou and they'll use everyhitng from anger to guilt to get a better price. I have learned how to play the game and aI play ruthlessly.
Bangkok this time was quite enjoyable.
Loads good experiances and Frank and I had a chace to bond well. I enjoyed our talks and he did muchly aswell, he had quite an iteresting story.. .was an engineer. had renounce the only two living memeber of his very wealthy family. it is just him in the world. he made lots of money in a short time in his youth and invested it properly. he now spends his time travelling the world. Looks like I'm going to have to go to Germany! my list of german contacts is quite long now! I could probably se most of the country with my accomidations covered by fellow backpacker I have met!
The airport shittel was 1/2 hour late, doddled around trying to find something or someoone, realize dit was stupidly behind schedual and then drove as wrecklessly as a crazed bull running through the streets in attempt to make up for lost time. HONK HONG! weaving between lanes, blowing lights! driving 140km hour speeding past police (no speeding laws there??) and managed to make it to the irport reasonable on time. my tickets worked out just fine and I had even had some time to kill before boarding a short and uneventful flight (I had a island seat with a broken tv because I changed my flight - shittiest seat on the plane) and arrived in hong kong, where my next entry resumes!
That about sums that little gap up...
shitty bus ride, good times and heaps of shopping in Bangkok, crazy shuttle and uneventful flight... then hits Hong Kong Kaos!
read on...

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