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If you're reading this, I'm already home and have de-classified this information! hahah

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Holy shit.
This place is everything it claims to be. Craziest city I have ever been to, that much is for sure...
I've been here since yesterday afternoon (about 24 hours now) and have just now managed to find an internet cafe... the must be around but they're probably all labeled in chinese... this place is like a sardine can, I have to retract my keyboard, roll in my chair and hold my breath to let someoone by... can't really complain, because for some reason the place is packed full of really pretty little asian girls sharing seats and pretting themselves up in the mirrors covering the walls...
anyhow, to it:

The very first things I noticed were really intriging to me... how efficeint and clean everyhitng is, how my customs official kept all of his stamps neatly layed out infron of him, all of his papers straight... he even unfurled my passport and squared it with the counter's edge before neatly and carefully stamping it... myabe he was just OCD or something.. but it was the first thing I noticed that was a little weird...
The train ride from the airport (biggest airport in the world) was really cool. more like an airplane than a train! and it's a dedicated express line so it flies! not exactly a bullet train, but it's close.
The city is really a prime example of organized chaos.
Hygenics are big here.. signs saying not to spit on the ground, to wrap up spit before putting it in the garbage, not to feed the birds, etc. and the MTR (subway) is phenomonal! I bought an octopus card, it's good for a round trip on the express train and 3 days unlimited use in the city... 300 HKD, about $45 CAD. One thing that really, really tripped me out... actually made my laugh out loud, was the fact that in the subway walking tunnels, all you can hear is "clack click clack" of dressshoes and heels! it fills the tunnels! loooots of suits and really well dessed, very pretty asian women. Caucasian people seem to ring in at about 1% or so. not many.
All of the buildings here are tall. even in the shithole slumps of Kowloon penninula (not even part of hong kong island, it's on the mainland) where I am staying the dillapidated apartment buildings are taller than the tallest buildings in downtown edmonton. The city layout is very much different than Bangkok.. which has not definable CBC, it's just sprawling and spread out.. few sky scrapers here and there... here they are everywhere and all over. the whole bloody place is a CBD!
The place I am staying imn... I belive, is almost a bordello or something... the rooms rent by the hour, but I got a cheap rate by the night.. I'm paying 240HKD/night which is $35CAD. the room is really nice.. first hot shower, first flushing toilet first airconditioning unit I have had in a long while! the only thing about the room it's self is the padding on the walls around the bed.. hahah The building the rooms are in is the most dillapidated I have stayed in! it's about 50 stories tall and has a hollow right through the core, right to the top and I'm on the 3rd floor. water and other liquids drip all the way down... air conditioner units protrude into the tunnel, causing a waning drone throught. the staff speak absolutely no english. absolutely none. not even words like money or night... so no wonder they didn't tell me the nature of the activities going on there... I get strange looks from passers by when I walk in and out.. and the girls on the side walk are verry smily and friendly, and when people leave their rooms, they leave really fast, go separate directions and have no luggage! hahah. I checked out the markets last night! holy shit! some things are unbelivably cheap here! food and accomidations are understandably expensive, being as property values are at a premium and it that it must take nothing short of a organizational mirical to bring enough food into this tiny area to feed over 7 million people every day... but pructs that have been manufactured here are dirt cheap! jet torch lighters for $1, all sorts of blinking and light up LED junk for verrry cheap! chinese goods of all sorts, some things I saw in thailand were obviously bought in china and resond there for 3 times the price, which is still a hell of a bargain for westerners... so yes, I am doing some more shopping here! I'll probably have to buy another bag befre I go home! haha
ok. I'm not really sure where I am going or what I am doing.. so I'm just going to ride the trains all over...maybe try to get to "the peak" this evening, a tram to the top of one of the strange chinese mountains surrounding this city... watch the sunset from up there, maybe? I don't know... everyhting is cool here... if I could just find a decent meal for under 80HKD...
This is probably the weirdest place I have ever been...

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