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Got my certs!

This fish is swimming on soon...

rain 27 °C

You are now reading the words of a newly certified Advanced Open Water Diver and the holder of a EANitrox ticket!
I did my specialties in Navigation and deep diving (required), night diving, underwater photography and multilevel diving. I passed my nitrox exam with a 96% and blew my teacher away with my grasp on the theory... Physics class payed off.. that course is the bane of some divers, but it was a piece of piss for me. I did two dives today, the first down to 30 meters and the second a multilevel, 18, 14 and finishing it up at 10. Both dives were using Enriched Air Nitrox. Dive one on 32% oxygen, dive 2 on 36% oxygen (normal air has about 21% oxygen) Allows you more bottom time, so long as you dont go to deep with it (another 5 meters or so deeper on the first dive and it could kill you via Central Nervous System toxicity...)
anyyway... the dives were fun. Turns out I'm not super sensitive to Nitrogen Narcosis... just a little bit of delyed reaction that you're not aware of.. similar to having a couple of beers. Some people get really "narked" and try to take off their scuba gear and things like that at 30 meters... I did alright. 40 meters (the recreational limit even for a dive master) might be a little different... I'll find out whenever I decide to work toward my dive master... other than that, the 30M dive was very much like any other dive. No sharks... little bit diffrent bottom dwellers... including a huge crab, in one of those giant conch shells people use as horns, motoring by one the ocean floor. that was kind of cool. The dive site was pretty barron. Shitty dive site choice on my instructors behalf, IMHO.
Second dive was lovely. Had plenty of time to leisurely swim about, saw some a couple huuuuge triggerfish (very deadly and very beautiful - it's really territorial and stings) and lots of nice corals and things... in a site I've dived a number of times, every time is something new though...
so yeah. That is that. I think I'm done diving. My right ear is really bothering me. My glands in my neck are a bit swollen. been wearing myself down studying, going out for beers, not sleeping much... so my ear canals are plugged up a bit... that means no diving for me, today was really pushiing it.. but I it kept quiet and descended slowly... I really wanted to do my deep dive. but I'm paying for it now. it's quite uncomfortable, really.
It is presently raining fairly steadily. I have not seen rain in almost 2 weeks. I have been blessed in that regaurd. when it rains here it rains hard, quenching and flooding the pavement. I got goosebumps all over and a tear welled up in the corner of my eye as I waded through the hot puddles... the puddles aren't hot back home... it doesn't smell like motor cycle engine lubricant when it rains back home... I really am going to miss this place, it has earned it's place in my heart.
my time to go is coming very soon! I leave Koh Tao day after tomarrow in the evening, boat and bus it up to Bangkok (almost a full day just for that because of a wait in Chumpon between the bus and the boat), stay a couple of days in Bangkok before flying to Hong Kong stay for 4 full days with partial days on either side and then fly home on the 5th. On the way home I actually arrive before I leave... which will be wierd.. I leave Hong Kong at 4:30 in the afternoon and arrive in Vancouver at 1:45pm, THE SAME DAY! that is going to be strange! I have not bought my wesjet link to edmonton yet... I may want to stay a day or two in Vancouver, have yet to decide...
I will let you know my exact plans as they transpire. I may fly right on through to Edmonton from Van, putting me home by the evening of the 5th or I might hang out for a day or two later...
ok. enought borning logisitcs and ramblings..
I'm tired and my ear is making me uncomfortable... time to track down a feed. sleep will come soon and fast tonight.
I love you guys lots... you are all in my mind and I'm anxiously awaiting seeing you all again!
much love!

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